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Great American Cleanup - NebraskaThe Keep America Beautiful Great American CleanupTM is the nation's largest annual cleanup and community improvement event, which runs principally from March 1 through June 30, although it can involve year-round activities. The Great American CleanupTM stimulates community pride by involving residents, businesses, and civic groups at the state and local level in an effort to improve and beautify their local environment. It encourages volunteerism, personal action, and responsibility, and promotes the missions of the Keep America Beautiful organization: litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction and recycling.

Activities can include litter cleanups, special recycling events, planting red flowers for a "Grow Big Red" garden, increased recycling collections, tree plantings, clothes collections, etc. Please register any event or activity you wish to do so we are able to keep track of everything happening in Nebraska and report them back to Keep America Beautiful.

Register your Great American CleanupTM activities now!
Download the 2017 Registration Form, print it out and fax it (402-486-4563), email it to info@knb.org or mail it in!
Download the 2017 GAC Registration Form here.

Each year over 1,200 Keep America Beautiful affiliates, communities and participating organizations engage volunteers to take action in their communities through programs that deliver positive and lasting impact through events focused on waste reduction, recycling, beautification and community greening.

Great American CleanupTM Project Ideas
The Great American CleanupTM focuses not only on litter removal and litter prevention, but also on other local community improvement initiatives such as Grow Big Red flower gardens, neighborhood beautification projects, and recycling initiatives. By offering many different ways to participate, the Great American CleanupTM hopes to get more and more people involved. Keep America Beautiful believes that hands-on involvement can really influence changes in attitude and behavior that affect our environment.

Litter Cleanup
Litter is a huge problem that plagues all our cities. The Great American CleanupTM helps to bring attention to your community's litter problem so that volunteers can be recruited to remove litter from public lands and neighborhoods during the event. The Great American CleanupTM also hopes to create a lasting awareness of the importance of litter control that will continue throughout the year.

Grow Big Red
Communities and organizations are encouraged to plant red or red and white flower gardens to show pride in our State and pride in our communities.

Graffiti Removal and Neighborhood Beautification Projects
In communities where graffiti is a recurring problem, the Great American CleanupTM encourages painting over defaced public buildings and areas to restore beauty and send the message that graffiti will not be tolerated there.

In addition to cleanups and paint-outs, the Great American CleanupTM is also a forum to incorporate the "greening" of each community with projects to plant flowers (particularly red flowers for Grow Big Red gardens) and trees.

Clothes Collection
Collecting clothes for the reuse by the needy is another Great American CleanupTM activity that fits right into goals to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Drop-off sites around the community are designated for clothing collection. After collection, the clothing is donated to local charities, shelters, and other social service organizations.

If your Nebraska community is interested in participating in the Great American CleanupTM, call the Keep Nebraska Beautiful office at 800-486-4562 or volunteer by clicking here.
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Grow Big Red
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