Meet Anna, our 2020 Summer Intern

Hello, my name is Anna Gilmore. I am the new intern at Keep Nebraska Beautiful!

I am an Environmental Biology Major at Rockhurst University in Kansas City and a voting resident of Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up in Papillion, Nebraska.

What drew me to Keep Nebraska Beautiful?
I heard about this internship through Michael Miller. I have heard of Keep Nebraska Beautiful only once before, but the overarching idea of the internship and non-profit appealed to me: I would have creative freedom to exhibit change for the nature in Nebraska that I and we love.

What environmental issues do I really care about?

I care a lot about conservation, which connects a lot with keeping something beautiful. For Nebraska to be beautiful in my mind, the natural landscape has native plants, biodiversity, and a corridor for animals to migrate. I care a lot about keeping the Earth free of our pollution, which means changing my own practices and helping friends do so also. Sustainable farming is a big deal to me because it not only treats animals and insects with respect, it keeps riverways unpolluted, and takes in a lot of the carbon dioxide we release into the air (if they do not till). Overall, I hope for humans to be able to live on Earth and in peace with it.

What challenges do I see when it comes to my own protection of the Earth?

Food packaging, skin care packaging, and my own diabetic supplies are waste that I am still trying to find a more sustainable solution for. I hope to someday bike everywhere I go and only very rarely use a car. I hope to spread some awareness about the way I choose to intentionally live my life, hoping to bring about more conversation and communities of people who care about each other and the environment!

Are you passionate about your environment? Interested in joining our team?

If so, select Contact Us above and tell us a little bit about you, and we will keep you updated about internship and volunteer opportunities as they become available!