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    Application Tips

    Keep Nebraska Beautiful prefers to receive applications via email. Mailed applications are also welcome and only require one copy. Please note this change from previous years, only one copy is required.
    Include any supplemental materials and document the facts or statistics in your written summary.
    Include any materials that demonstrate activity with your local KAB System affiliate.
    Include any materials that demonstrate activity with local volunteers.
    Include press clippings or other printed material about your program/project.
    Include photographs, brochures or copies of any original material.

    Summary Tips

    Type the name of your group, school, etc. in the top right-hand corner of the first page. Type your city on the second line and the category you are entering on a third line.

    Outline your accomplishments using the guideline statements listed below. This is the most important part of your entry, and is read carefully by the judges. Summaries must be typed and answers must be numbered to match the guideline statements. Use no less than .75 inch top, bottom and side margins on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper with a type size no smaller than 12-point font.

    1 Execution of Program: Describe your project/program. What activities were involved? Please indicate what part of the project/program you or your group were responsible for (i.e., recruited and trained all volunteers, obtained in-kind donations from local businesses, etc.) It is crucial for the judges to know the # of volunteers and # of volunteer hours for the activity. If you worked as a partner with other entities, please explain what you or your group’s responsibility to the project was. If you are entering the business/industry category, please indicate the number of employees. If you are entering the youth group/school or school recycling categories, please include the number of students enrolled at the school as well as the number of students participating in the activities you include.

    2 Litter Prevention: If the project was a litter prevention activity, describe how it promoted litter prevention in your community to change attitudes and behaviors. List your partners and describe their level of involvement in your activities. Describe how you plan to sustain the program/project.

    3 Beautification and Community Improvement: If the project was a beautification and community improvement project, describe how your activities motivated the residents of your community and explain the sustainability of your activities. List your partners and describe their level of involvement in your activities.

    4 Minimization of the Impact of Waste (waste reduction through reuse, recycling, etc.) on Communities: If the project was a waste reduction, reuse or recycling activity, describe how it promoted responsible waste handling in your community. Include relevant statistics. Schools entering the School Recycling category must include the pounds of each material recycled. List your partners and describe their level of involvement in your activities.

    5 Results: Quantify your results as much as possible. Good applications include the number of volunteers, volunteer hours, pounds of litter and debris collected, pounds of recycled material, number of trees planted, number of flowers planted, along with any other relevant results and descriptions of what your program(s)/project(s) achieved.

    6 Budget, Impact and Community Involvement: What was your budget? Describe the cost of doing the project including any in-kind and cash donations and a general description of who contributed.

    7 Questions or Issues: Use the Contact Us form to the right and let us know what questions you have. We will not review your application before it is submitted but we are happy to answer questions and help you understand what is required.

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