Register your Great American CleanupTM activities now!

Download the 2019 Registration Form, print it out and fax it (402-486-4563), email it, or mail it in!

Download the 2019 GAC Registration Form here

Not sure what to do for a Great American Cleanup project?  No need to worry, the Great American Cleanup focuses not only on litter removal and litter prevention, but also on other local community improvement initiatives.  Some ideas are below, but please contact us if you need help getting started.

Litter Cleanup

Litter is a huge problem that plagues our cities.  Set up a group to volunteer to remove litter from public lands and neighborhoods.

Grow Big Red

Plant red or red and white flower gardens to show Nebraska pride and beautify your community.

Graffiti Removal

Paint over defaced public buildings and areas to restore beauty and send the message that graffiti will not be tolerated in your community.

Neighborhood Beautification

Help to “green” your community by planting flowers and trees.

Clothes Collection

Collect clothes for reuse by local charities, shelters, and other social service organizations.

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