Volunteer Safety

    We want all of our volunteers to have a safe, productive, and healthy experience with Keep Nebraska Beautiful. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and requirements of your local health officials whenever engaging in activities in public spaces, and please make sure all minors under your supervision do so as well.

    Especially while we are socially distancing and doing all we can to stop the spread of coronavirus, it is particularly important that all participants:

    • Wash their hands as soon as possible after volunteering. If there is no hand washing station nearby, use hand sanitizer until you are able to wash your hands.
    • Wear a mask and gloves. If you have a litter picker, use that as well.
    • If you think a piece of litter may be unsafe, do not pick it up. Err on the side of caution, and if something looks to be dangerous to the public, contact your local law enforcement’s non-emergency line.
    • If you are coordinating a volunteer group, make sure you have the contact information for every volunteer. If any volunteer shows symptoms of coronavirus after your event, let all other volunteers know so that they can protect themselves.
    • If you are volunteering in a group, make sure to let all group members or the volunteer coordinator know if you exhibit any coronavirus symptoms after volunteering. If you have symptoms before volunteering, do not go.

    We want everyone to stay safe while you help us achieve our mission that we are all striving for. Thank you to everyone who volunteers to help us keep our environment clean!