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Keep Schools Beautiful DayMany thanks to the 29 Nebraska schools that participated in the Keep Schools Beautiful Day. The target date for activities is on or around Earth Day in April each. Activities can also be counted as part of the Great American Cleanup.

Environmental Education Information
Keep Nebraska Beautiful is committed to providing environmental education to students and adults. Our efforts focus primarily on proper solid waste management including reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled. We encourage the use of the Keep America Beautiful curricula: Waste In Place (grades K-6).

Household Hazardous Waste
Hazardous chemical products can be found in almost every home in Nebraska. Such products include antifreeze, bug spray, glue, motor oil, and solvents. A substance is labeled as hazardous if it can catch fire, if it will react or explode when mixed with other substances, or if it is corrosive or toxic. Take a look around your home or garage and you'll find many hazardous substances. They may seem harmless sitting on the shelf or being used properly, but they can be harmful to humans, our pets, the land in which we grow our food, and the water for drinking and bathing.
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Find out what environmental efforts are being made at the national level.
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