Used Oil Collection Sites

    County: Adams

    Sponsor: City of Hastings Solid Waste Landfill Facility

    Location: 725 S Southern Hills Dr, Hastings

    Phone#: 402.463.0705


    County: Banner

    Sponsor: Banner Co Road Dept.

    Location: County Shop, Harrisburg

    Phone#: 308.436.4460

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Box Butte

    Sponsor: Alliance Landfill

    Location: 1441 E Kansas, Alliance

    Phone#: 308.762.2705

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 8:30am-4:15pm;

    Sat. Apr-Nov 8:30am-2:30pm, Dec-Mar 8:30am-12:00pm


    County: Buffalo

    Sponsor: Kearney Area HHW Facility

    Location: 3620 Box Butte Ave & 1919 15th Ave, Kearney

    Phone#: 308.233.3208

    Site Info: Please DO NOT overfill containers. If full, please

    leave on shelves or come back at a later date


    County: Burt

    Sponsor: Burt Co

    Location: By appointment

    Phone#: 402.374.2944

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Butler

    Sponsor: City of David City

    Location: By appointment

    Phone#: 402.367.3109

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Cass 

    Sponsor: City of Plattsmouth

    Location: 444 13th Ave, Plattsmouth

    Phone#: 402.296.2155

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 7:00am-3:30pm; Also collect during

    2 cleanup days each year as advertised in the paper


    County: Cedar

    Sponsor: City of Hartington-Cedar Co

    Transfer Station Recycling Center

    Location: 54550 E Hwy 84, Hartington

    Phone#: 402.254.6353


    County: Chase

    Sponsor: City of Imperial-SW NE Solid Waste Agency

    Location: 740 Court St, Imperial

    Phone#: 308.882.4368


    County: Cherry

    Sponsor: NK Waste, Valentine

    Location: 313 Development St, Valentine

    Phone#: 402.376.4660


    County: Cheyenne

    Sponsor: City of Sidney Landfill

    Location: 2232 Road 115, Sidney

    Phone#: 308.254.6071


    County: Clay

    Sponsor: Clay Co

    Location: 401 S Clay Ave, Clay Center

    Phone#: 402.762.3532


    County: Colfax

    Sponsor: Colfax Co – Schuyler or Howells

    Location: By appointment

    Phone#: 402.352.3031

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Custer

    Sponsor: Custer Co Recycling

    Location: 43663 Ryno Rd, Broken Bow

    Phone#: 308.870.0313


    County: Dakota

    Sponsor: City of South Sioux City

    Location: 125 E 26th St, South Sioux City

    Phone#: 402.494.7548


    County: Dawes

    Sponsor: SWANN – Dawes Co

    Location: 1010 E Niobrara, Chadron

    Phone#: 308.432.4245

    Site Info: Oil can also be left at drop-off sites in

    Gordon, Rushville, Hay Springs, Whitney,

    Crawford, Harrison, Hemingford


    County: Dawson

    Sponsor: Lexington LASWA

    Location: 76460 Hwy 21, Lexington

    Phone#: 308.324.3351


    County: Deuel

    Sponsor: Deuel Co/ Chappell Shop

    Location: Deuel Co Shop #1, 16350 Hwy 30, Chappell

    Phone#: 308.874.2433

    Site Info: Hours 7:00am-3:30pm


    County: Dixon

    Sponsor: Dixon Co Weed Control

    Location: By appointment

    Phone#: 402.635.2129

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Dodge

    Sponsor: Fremont – Waste Connections of NE

    Location: 1200 Hamilton St, Fremont

    Phone#: 402.721.7511


    County: Douglas

    Sponsor: City of Omaha – Under The Sink HHW Facility

    Location: 4001 S 120th St, Omaha

    Phone#: 402.444.7465

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Dundy

    Sponsor: Dundy County Roads Dept.

    Benkelman Roads Shop

    Phone#: 308.289.3125

    Site Info: Please call ahead


    County: Fillmore

    Sponsor: Fillmore Co Roads Dept.

    Location: 615 F St, Geneva

    Phone#: 402.759.3611


    County: Franklin

    Sponsor: Franklin Co Roads Dept.

    Location: 1215 G Rd, Franklin

    Phone#: 308.425.3710

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Gage

    Sponsor: Beatrice Area Solid Waste Agency

    Location: 3426 W Locust Rd, Beatrice

    Phone#: 402.228.0634

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm

    County: Hall

    Sponsor: Grand Island Aurora COOP

    Location: 4155 E Hwy 30, Grand Island

    Phone#: 308.382.3030


    County: Hamilton

    Sponsor: Aurora COOP Service Center

    Location: 1318 M Street, Aurora

    Phone#: 402.694.6973


    County: Harlan

    Sponsor: City of Alma

    Location: CHS, 805 Hwy 183, Alma

    Phone#: 308.928.2242

    Site Info: Closed Dec-Mar


    County: Jefferson

    Sponsor: City of Fairbury Transfer Station

    Location: 71241 566th Ave, Fairbury

    Phone#: 402.729.4078

    Site Info: Hrs: Summer M-F 8am-3pm,

    Winter M-F 9am-4pm, Sat 8-11:30am


    County: Johnson

    Sponsor: Johnson Co Roads Dept

    Location: 813 N 1st St, Tecumseh 

    Phone#: 402.335.3789

    Site Info: Closed Fridays May-Aug


    County: Kearney

    Sponsor: City of Minden

    Location: 1232 N Hull, Minden

    Phone#: 308.832.1820


    County: Lincoln

    Sponsor: City of North Platte

    Location: 1402 N Jeffers St & 3320 W Northlake Rd, North Platte

    Phone#: 308.535.6700


    County: Madison

    Sponsor: City of Norfolk Solid Waste Division

    Location: 600 E Monroe Ave, Norfolk

    Phone#: 402.844.2231

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 7am-4pm, Sat 7am-11am


    County: Merrick 

    Sponsor: Merrick Co Hwy Dept

    Location: 1358 W Hwy 30, Central City

    Phone#: 308.946.2164

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 8am-4pm


    County: Morrill 

    Sponsor: Morrill Co Hwy Dept

    Location: 716 L St, Bridgeport

    Phone#: 308.262.1570


    County: Nemaha

    Sponsor: Nemaha Co

    Location: County Barn, 1619 27th St, Auburn

    Phone#: 402.274.4213

    Site Info: Hrs: Sat 8am-12pm


    County: Nuckolls

    Sponsor: Nuckolls Co Road Dept

    Location: County Shop, 251 S Park, Nelson

    Phone#: 402.225.4121


    County: Otoe

    Sponsor: Otoe Co Roads Dept

    Location: 6150 Hwy 75, Nebraska City & 240 N 30th Rd, Syracuse

    Phone#: 402.873.9585


    County: Pawnee

    Sponsor: Pawnee Co Roads Dept

    Location: 342 5th St, Pawnee City

    Phone#: 402.852.2981


    County: Phelps

    Sponsor: City of Holdrege/ Prairie Hill Landfill

    Location: Prairie Hill Landfill, 506 13th St, Holdrege

    Phone#: 308.995.5575


    County: Pierce

    Sponsor: Pierce Co

    Location: District 3 Shop, 54917 854 Rd, Pierce

    Phone#: 402.329.6899


    County: Platte

    Sponsor: City of Columbus MSW Transfer Station

    Location: MSW Transfer Station, 250 S 14th Ave, Columbus

    Phone#: 402.562.4254

    Site Info: See City website for Hours of Operation


    County: Red Willow

    Sponsor: Red Willow Co HHW Facility

    Location: 108 W Railroad Service Rd, McCook

    Phone#: 308.345.4333

    Site Info: Open Mon, Wed, Fri


    County: Saline

    Sponsor: Saline Co Shop, Crete

    Location: Saline Co Shop, Crete

    Phone#: 402.821.2737

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: Scotts Bluff

    Sponsor: City of Gering Landfill

    Location: 200531 West U St, Gering

    Phone#: 308.436.7568

    Site Info: Hrs: M-F 6:30am-2:30pm


    County: Seward

    Sponsor: City of Seward Recycling Center

    Location: 340 S 7th St, Seward

    Phone#: 402.641.4347


    County: Thayer

    Sponsor: Thayer Co Road Dept

    Location: 1309 Rd 6100, Hebron

    Phone#: 308.391.4000


    County: Valley

    Sponsor: City of Ord Street Dept

    Location: 514 N 13th St, Ord

    Phone#: 308.730.1317


    County: Wayne

    Sponsor: Wayne Co Weed Control

    Location: By appointment

    Phone#: 402.992.3612

    Site Info: Please call for appointment


    County: York

    Sponsor: York Area Solid Waste Agency

    Location: 1214 Rd 15, York

    Phone#: 402.363.2690