Waste Programs

Our waste programs focus on waste reduction by diverting useful materials from the landfill, safely disposing of dangerous waste, and reusing or recycling spent products whenever possible. Please check out the individual pages of each of these programs to learn more.

From industrial chemicals to office supplies, the Materials Exchange Program matches people seeking and generating materials often classified as waste. Our first priority is always peer-to-peer reuse matches, but we also work with more than 50 recyclers across the stateĀ to keep useful items out of landfills.

The #1 category of Municipal Solid Waste in America, the Food Waste Program focuses on the numerous issues surrounding the problem, encouraging Nebraskans to take action and reduce food waste in their own lives.

The Used Oil Collection and Reuse Program was initiated to ensure all Nebraskans can dispose of used oil properly and legally. Used oil collected through the program can be reused, recovered for energy, used in asphalt applications, or re-refined.

The Household Hazardous Waste Program educates Nebraskans on the hazardous and toxic items they may have in their homes. With a focus on proper disposalĀ and less toxic alternatives, the program helps reduce exposure to such items in the home.