Materials Exchange

    The Materials Exchange is a FREE service helping Nebraska business and industry reduce landfill impact by diverting usable materials that often end up there. For example, a Nebraska manufacturer, contacts the Exchange generating X amount of product Y each month (ie. cardboard, plastic, rubber etc). The Exchange then connects them with all applicable participants looking to either reuse it in their production processes, or recycle it for use by someone else. Reaching an agreement is entirely between the two parties.

    The program also facilitates the donation of equipment, furniture and supplies to Nebraska schools, and nonprofit organizations. Businesses looking to redecorate, downsize or go paperless are encouraged to contact the Exchange with gently used but serviceable items like printers, desk chairs, or file folders. We in turn, reach out to more than 250 organizations across Nebraska, providing contact info only to those that reply expressing interest. Items are generally spoken for within an hour of being offered, and donation receipts are available upon request.

    Since its inception in 1994, the Materials Exchange is the only statewide program in the country reducing landfill impact by facilitating both types of exchanges. To date, the program has seen:

    Pounds of Material Exchanged

    Contacts Made

    Communities Served

    Worth of Items Donated