KNB Awards

2020 Keep Nebraska Beautiful Awards Applications are live!
We want to hear about and recognize the great work you’ve done for your community.

Great American Cleanup

The Great American Cleanup is back in business!

You can now register events that will take place through October 18th

Household Hazardous Waste

Are you concerned about the toxicity of the chemicals and cleaning agents your bringing into your home?
Do you worry about what happens to those hazardous materials when you toss them?
Find less toxic alternatives by clicking below.

Report Littering

Does seeing someone throw litter out of their car drive you mad? Report it to our Litter Hotline.

There are many reasons we aim to end littering. Litter from cars can endanger wildlife and other drivers. Cleaning it is expensive. It’s unsightly. It’s illegal. Most of all, it’s unnecessary. Help us stop littering in our state by clicking the button below or calling 877-NO LITTR to report an incident you’ve witnessed.


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