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Material Exchange Program
Since its inception in the Fall of 1994, the number of materials listed and exchanged has grown tremendously. Nearly 2 million pounds of materials are exchanged every month.

Participating in the program saves money and space associated with storage, disposal, and overall landfill waste. Many schools and businesses have saved hundreds of dollars by seeking materials through the Exchange Program instead of purchasing new items.

The Nebraska Materials Exchange Program encourages businesses and manufacturers across Nebraska to review disposal costs and examine the management of their waste products. Good, usable materials no longer needed can be listed in the Materials Exchange Program. The cost is free. Keep Nebraska Beautiful is proud to offer this program and anticipates continued growth and success.

We invite interested parties to call Program Manager Peter Stadig (pstadig@knb.org) in the Keep Nebraska Beautiful office to help facilitate the exchange of any materials. He can be reached at (402) 486-4622 or outside of Lincoln (800) 486-4562.

Materials Exchange Disclaimer
Information provided through this database is supplied by the lister of the material. Keep Nebraska Beautiful is not responsible for any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the material description, the suitability of a particular use, or the salability of any material offered through this service. It is the legal responsibility of each party to determine whether a listed material is a hazardous waste or a hazardous material. Both hazardous and solid wastes must be managed in accordance with all relevant regulations and laws. Keep Nebraska Beautiful reserves the right not to list a material, to delist a material, or to edit information provided by the listing party.
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Materials Exchange Programs exist in several states and areas. Check out various Exchange Programs throughout the US and Canada.