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Nebraska Used Oil Collection Program
Ima Oil DropThe Nebraska Used Oil Collection and Reuse Program ensures all Nebraskans can dispose of oil properly. Used oil collected through the program will be reused, recovered for energy, used in asphalt applications, or re-refined.
Why Collect Used Oil?
State law (LB1257) banned disposal of waste oil in landfills beginning September 1, 1994.

It's estimated that five million gallons of used oil are generated in rural Nebraska each year.

There is a need to prevent the soil, surface water, and groundwater in Nebraska from possible contamination or used oil.
Tragedies of Oil Pollution
Ima Oil DropThe Environmental Protection Agency reports that used oil is responsible for approximately 40 percent of the pollution in rivers and streams. A gallon of used oil can ruin one million gallons of fresh water--a year's supply for 50 people. (Source: EPA's "How to Set Up A Local Program to Recycle Used Oil," Publication 530-SW-89-039A.)

Used oil that is improperly disposed of on roads, along fence lines or released into the air through burning is a pollutant because toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic are released into the environment. The oil can also contaminate surface and groundwater.

For every gallon of oil that is discarded another gallon must be purchased from a dwindling and ever more precious world supply. Even the smallest amounts are important.
Where Does The Collected Used Oil Go?
Used oil can be used as a fuel resource. One gallon of used oil can be used to generate 98 kilowatt-hours of electricity according to Santee Cooper utility company that burns used oil in South Carolina. Used oil has nearly twice the energy-producing value of coal.

It's also a valuable resource when cleaned of its impurities and re-refined. Several national brands have been successfully marketed as premium recycled motor oils. Recycling used oil back into clean lubricating oil takes only from 1/2 to 1/4 as much energy as refining from crude oil.
What Will Be Accepted?
  • Spent oil from gasoline and diesel engines
  • Spent refrigerant lubricating oil
  • Spent lubricating oil from aircraft reciprocating and jet engines
  • Spent hydraulic fluid
  • Spent heat transfer fluids
  • Spent transmission fluid
  • Cutting Oils
What Will NOT Be Accepted?
  • Spent antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Solvents of any kind
  • Any used oil with water
What Can You Do?
Ima Oil DropMake sure to collect your used oil in clean, empty and sealable containers.

Take uncontaminated (free of water, antifreeze, etc.) used oil to your county's oil collection facility!
Program funding provided by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality's Waste Reduction & Recycling Incentive Grant Program
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