Keep Nebraska Beautiful Day

Save the Date for KNB Day: Saturday, June 26, 2021

A big THANK YOU to all of the awesome participants who cleaned up trails, parks, and even rivers on Keep Nebraska Beautiful Day! Special shout out to Pete Stadig and Paul Reis for hauling a tire out of the river on their kayaks during their camping trip that day. You have all shown that even while we socially distance, we can still work together to make a collective impact. Nebraska is a little cleaner, and a little more beautiful today because of you.

Every cleanup counts

On June 27, 2020 we recognized Keep Nebraska Beautiful Day, a day where every Nebraskan who is able is encouraged to get outside and provide a service to their community. We hope that you will continue to take part in the activities we participated in on Keep Nebraska Beautiful Day, because together we can still make a big impact! We have four ways to participate:

1. Pick up litter in your community. It can be a park, creek, trail, or even just the sidewalk on your block.
2. Plant native species in your garden if you have one.
3. Help a neighbor, friend or relative with an outdoor project.
4. Take our online pledge to end littering in Nebraska.

As with everything you do, please continue following recommendations of the CDC and Nebraska DHHS when it comes to social distancing. We want this to be a day that is safe, fun, and beneficial for all our participants!

If you can’t decide where to pick up litter, or want to see if anyone else in your community will be participating, post below and let us know.

We would love to see how you continue these activities year round, so please upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #keepnebraskabeautiful or tag us, and we will send you a gift as our thanks for your help keeping our state beautiful!