Cleanup Results

Report Your Keep Nebraska Beautiful Cleanup Results

Our easy-to-use Cleanup Worksheet helps you document your amazing work and measure the impact of your cleanup efforts. This form allows you to record important details like:

  • Event Information: Date, location, name of your cleanup group (optional).
  • Volunteer Participation: Total number of volunteers, breakdown by adults and youth (if relevant).
  • Clean Up Area: Briefly describe the area cleaned (park, neighborhood, waterway, etc.).
  • Materials Collected: Record the amount of litter, recyclables, and any specific items collected (e.g., tires, electronics).
  • Additional Information: Use this space for any notes or observations about the cleanup.

By completing this form after your cleanup, you’ll be helping Keep Nebraska Beautiful track the collective impact of our volunteers and showcase the environmental benefits of cleanups across the state.

Benefits of Using the Cleanup Worksheet:

  • Track Your Progress: See the tangible results of your cleanup efforts.
  • Contribute to Data Collection: Your data helps Keep Nebraska Beautiful demonstrate the value of cleanups.
  • Easy to Use: The form is simple and straightforward to complete.

Download or fill the Cleanup Online Form today and be part of the solution for a cleaner, healthier Nebraska!